Reviews for "Plimpton's Video Falconry"

And a hot plate!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'd ever see a video game starring George Plimpton (and here I was thinking that I was one of the few people on Earth who knew who he was)! Once again, Newgrounds has made me laugh more than I have in a looong time.

Awesome music, awesome gameplay... just all around great.

Pure Realism

Felt as though I was playing simulated history; Also including the little known fact that falcons cannot fly left, This truly is a mouseterpiece.

Thanks for creating this.

I love this game!

maybe mention earlier that joystick is the arrows? also a hint for secret medals? i know it has something to do with fox hunting...help!?

George Plimpton is marvelous!

I didn't know all this about George Plimpton, thank you for your beautiful history lesson and for going to all the trouble to find the game. Thank you for simplifying the control system somewhat from the original too.

Awesome Game!

Need secret medals also..................