Reviews for "Plimpton's Video Falconry"


Fantastic pixel art, fantastic coding, lovely music, this game smells like dust and old times, which is lovely for me.

another damn good job, dudes!

despite some problems with the falcon's yaw
the game was, at least for me, really challenging and fun!

besides I gotta agree with Lightining4Breakfast: that Falcon's got one hell of a right claw!


I personally don't get why people are trolling this game so much. I mean sure, the controls are a bit confusing, but the game is well coded, and jeff's pixel art is fantastic. So great job guys

loved it

the controls were a little messed up, otherwise, it was great

P.S. that falcon has one hell of a right claw

So ya...

@Pikerobo FLAME ON!

Though seriously he did bring up th controls as well and I have to agree. They are a little much. I can't complain much I played the game, had fun and chuckled at the fact this silly thing was doing so. The music was kinda catchy. Graphics I mean it was based of ColecoVision so not the best by modern standard but god for this parody. The bonus levels were random yet a nice break up from the main game...thouhg the sudden change from not just hitting the number buttons threw me for a loop. Over all 9/10 mainly it was the controls I think there could have been something done with them just can't say what to improve them atm.