Reviews for "Plimpton's Video Falconry"


Brilliant sense of nostalgia! That early 80's feels had been perfectly captured with the grpahics, music and timing. I couldn't help but double up with laughter when the falcon 'flew' into view, paused, then screeched before 'flying away'! Very well done!

Great Fulp! :D

Wow another original game by Tom, nice work. I enjoyed playing it, the medals were a nice reward to a fun game, but a little generous at times. To be honest, I don't like that style of graphics, but I'd rather not penalize the game for such a thing like that. The music fits in very well, and the game is great overall.


its not the best nor the worst but pretty good

It's okay.

It's pretty good. Very much like when I was a kid. fun and frustrating.

Controls are awkward

I usually like games like this, but the controls are too awkward, and there's too many of them to remember and get wrong. I was frustrated by the third training exercise.

...And to those comment on the game not working, try using Firefox...