Reviews for "Plimpton's Video Falconry"

I love this game!

maybe mention earlier that joystick is the arrows? also a hint for secret medals? i know it has something to do with fox hunting...help!?

Crap Game

The actual game is crap, but seeing as it's both deliberate and hilarious I can't give this a low rating.

The coleco was under rated

people should have treated it better, because in retrospect it was about as powerful as the NES, and it was made by Americans, something you don't see every day, and on top of that they at least tried to do what Nintendo actually did, so all in all nice game, not perfect, like most colecovision games, but sure as hell fun to play, well thank you very much for making this i had fun playing it , cheers!

Use the numpad

To GungaD: Use the numpad, not the numpers on top of the keyboard, you twit!

But I agree, the best part is the backstory, actual game is a bit crap. I got bored after 5 levels.




Nice work, I wish more games were like this Tom!