Reviews for "Plimpton's Video Falconry"

Amazing fun.

Whoever was responsible for the falcon cry sound effect deserves a medal, because that was goddamn hilarious.

This game is amazing

I dare say one of the greatest 8 bit games of all time.

Incredibly fun game!

I guess the games I miss the most are NES and old console games. Thanks for remaking an awesomely addicting one TP! Although going through the bonus levels again and again could be irritating, the overall game is never something to forget!


the game is fine, and the backstory is one of those things that, even if it is fake or something, it makes you go "WOW, DID THAT ACTUALLY HAPPEN!?" and makes you investigate. Awesome

good game

the only problem for me is that occasionally there's a bit of input lag, apart from that, solid