Reviews for "Plimpton's Video Falconry"

Well, this is indeed interesting

A game made by a company with the same name let alone logo! Talk about the most bizzarest (if that is even a word) of coincidences.

As for the game itself It's somewhat entertaining the controls are clunky but that's what adds to the challenge of this EXTREME retro game.

Also the history lesson was nice <3

Awesome Retro Fun!

Why isn't this the featured game instead of that stupid Going Up thing? This is a Fulp joing!


awwww... terrible. 1st, BETTER GRAPHICS!!! 2nd, ARROW KEYS/WASD!!! 3RD, CREATIVITY!! THIS game lacks all of tht and the controlls stink. you really cant do better than pixelated junk??? i think the ideas cool and il give 3 4 that!

Pretty awesome.

The back story is completely amazing! The game play could be better, but all in all it's a great game.


the controls are confusing but once you get them down it becoms extremely addicting