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Reviews for "Pryon Zero"

Great atmosphere, but that last puzzle...

I liked the game up until the final puzzle: even after looking up a walkthrough that told me what date to enter on the computer, I still have no idea what the "illuminations fill the sky" clue is supposed to be referring to, and from LelouchVB99's review it seems I am not alone in this. Perhaps it's one of those things that's common knowledge in one region of the world but not another? Either way it was incredibly frustrating to have absolutely no way to figure the puzzle out without having to resort to a walkthrough.

Well, fail.

In the first cutscene with the creature it tells me to aim at it's head... without giving me a cursor. Difficulty is one thing, but frustratingly impossible is just pointless. Shame, this could have been awesome.

Very intriguing...

But I am absolutely stumped on the part where "illuminations fill the sky."

I can't go back to any of the previous rooms from before fighting the crowd of zombies, so I guess it has to be one of those three rooms. I noticed I can alter the date and time on the computer so I have a feeling it has to do with that. And it isn't impossible since other people seemed to have claimed to beaten the game. But I just absolutely cannot figure it out. Can someon, ANYONE, give me hand? :(


My curiosity is derived from the potential use of the virus that these scientists were developing, due to studying to become a micro-biology major what was the desired effect, bio-pathogen to be weaponized, or an experiment with positive benefits that went very much so wrong. Other wise I enjoyed the game and do agree with the gentleman Arbiter3 on the "subject" encounter, maybe increasing the duration of time to hit the keys would give the user a much more enjoyable experience. And thanks again very enjoyable.


great game but a bit hard. The puzzels were good, but the monster fights were a bit too challenging. For the zombie attack after the birth date thing, I was clicking so fast my mouse was freaking out, but i still couldn't beat him