Reviews for "Final Fantasy Fanfare"


"now you're dead / lalalalalala / we killed you / lalala"

that's surely what former squaresoft had in mind when it wrote that melody^^

PParreira responds:

lol maybe


Man i haven't seen a new FF parody for awhile and this one is hilarious loved the song and the animation is decent and funny, 5/5 10/10

Creatively sexy!

I thought your parody was uniquely awesome... But just about the middle to the end it wasn't well thought out, like it had to be immediately finished to the release date... The start had jokes and a fast pace to it but in the end it didn't have same pace; it just slowed dancing or repetitive actions doing the same type of joke! It diddn't really cresendo for me and that in my opinion is the best part of a parody... Still 9.9/10 but lets make it 10 stars ^^

Awesome funny ^^!!

Man u got a talent cool vid and very funny xDD I wish that u make more vids of Final Fantasy !! :DD and so funny FFVII is the best!!

cant stop listening to this!

i just love this, its good for a laugh and the lyrics go with the music well.

i actually started playing this whenever i'd win a battle in my dissidia final fantasy game. XD