Reviews for "Final Fantasy Fanfare"


I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan and this song basically sums up every game. That was just beautiful. Great animation by the way :)


Totallllllllllllllyyyyyyyy Funny!

o m g

It's my first 10 stars for just a long loooooong time.

Your hate for genre oozes from the screen and has already consumed my right eyebrow. I know you played those games for long long hours due to details. Yet it seems to me that you are forced somehow to do that. Hmmm.

Are you a square enix worker? If so can you make a flash toon entirely with cait sith talk? That guy was awesome.


I swear I used to sing something along these lines when I was a kid... Glad I'm not the only one.


i wish i could have this as a ringtone XD