Reviews for "Final Fantasy Fanfare"

Epic Parody. Keep makin these parodies!

haha. twas funny! liek repeating over and over

Favorite part?

The Terra-Locke-Shadow dance. Not sure why.

PParreira responds:

I second that, maybe its becouse its the less known Final Fantasy characters i'v put there, I dunno =]

love it

they are NOW dead and i can steal money and swords from a squirrel

Nice one

style was good i though i seen a song singin ftw before.. but not the rest :P 10/10 cause its FF and it was drawn in a plain and simple style

Friggin Hilarious!!

What can I say, but that I've looked at this at least 25 times, and each time, it has me rolling on the floor?! I've already showed this to a few of my buddies, and they love it, too! Much kudos to you and to BrentalFloss!! ^_^

PParreira responds:

ahaha thanks mate ^^