Reviews for "Final Fantasy Fanfare"

Hahaha Great!

I've always loved that fanfare and the song you added to it is just great.

It really does point out all those slightly strange things in FF like finding money, swords, and shields on various creatures and the fact that you dance right after killing em :P

That was reall great. 10/10 5/5 faved

PParreira responds:

wow, thanks a lot ^^

Nice job!

Haha, I love how Tidus was Charlie Brown and Wakka was Lucy in this Flash. Very funny!

I also remember hearing the song a long time ago, and repeated it a lot of times on YouTube. A nice Flash for a nice song. XD

PParreira responds:

thank you so much, apreciated =)


I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan and this song basically sums up every game. That was just beautiful. Great animation by the way :)

Fanfare :3

We need a loop version of this could listen it all day long :/


I like FF 1~12 minus 11,13,14

but i like this the most now