Reviews for "Final Fantasy Fanfare"


I'm going to see if I can find a download and put it on my Ipod,then play while walking down the street. If I can.

just epic

This is just epic the song is perfectly made just for it no other video on here could use that song as epicly as this completley worth the time for watching it just epic

with big smiles

i wish this song would play while i walked down the street la la la your deaad XD


Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes. Simply brilliant, your animation and art style is just beyond perfect for the tone of the song. This video is so goofy and catchy, I must show my friends. I always loved the song, but you just made it even better. Thank you, you made my night. XD

Awesome funny ^^!!

Man u got a talent cool vid and very funny xDD I wish that u make more vids of Final Fantasy !! :DD and so funny FFVII is the best!!