Reviews for "Final Fantasy Fanfare"

Love it,

Love every bit of it, though I was surprised to see characters from XIII in this because Square Enix were just that stupid enough to remove the victory jingle from said game.

PParreira responds:

Indeed, way to break the nostalgia >__>


lol i loved this song since i first heard it a few years ago, but i must say, this animation was wayyyyyyyyy funnier! good show

PParreira responds:

thank you so much =)


Wow lot's of people commenting as if we're hunting for professionals with high tech recording equipment and shit. Though it doesn't sound like he used anything special, I find that the sound quality for the voices was not too bad actually.

And also, noting that this song could apply for any game is an irrelevant statement because the SONG he is singing to is directly from FF upon winning a battle. I direct that particular point to Drbubbles two comments below me. I find this to be a very clever idea. Because it's true. I can identify your humor with this simple statement.

Hi I'm a murderer. FTW :D

Pretty Awesome

I enjoyed this flash. I especially enjoyed the Charlie Brown reference. The only thing I'd say is that the voices could be improved. But good job otherwise.

Could be better

Not bad but its by no means good, i didn't really laugh at all. The voices were not very good (Thats not going to affect your score in this case) It was kind of pointless. If you somehow made a reference to FF rather then just a song about how some enemies are dead that could be linked to any video game.

It just seemed to be lacking..well everything aside from the animation and music (As below said the song was annoying but once again will not affect the score).