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Reviews for "SMB: The Mushroom Hero 8"


nice stuff man much more dramatic and way better effects keep it up


It's Funny, has drama, I LOVE IT!


I've been waiting for this! Its totally awesome!


You're getting better at the animation, and the story is progressing very well. However, by using such a large sprite for shinu's "dark star form" those battles became a bit stiff, as you didn't have much to work with, very few sprites to use.
Your music is well chosen, and you mix the different songs well.
The sprites for Waluigi seemed a bit odd, but you've stated that they are "nice batte sprites" so I'll take your word for it.
I like how you brought in Tatanga, as very few people would get that reference..
All in all, an awesome episode, keep up the good work.

Pure awesomeness.

I'm gonna say it right here: this is Better then SMBZ! And you got The WArio Bros Together! I can't wait for the next Episode!