Reviews for "Jumping Jim"

Fun and challenging.

Really fun game, though I'm pretty disappointed that it didn't save my progress.

Great game!

Fantastic quick fix of fun. On second thought, I probably shouldn't be playing this at work.

I love the music. Who wrote it? Where did you get that in-game track?

really cool game!

The only aspect of this game i wished was better.... was the in game background music. The background music really didn't have a game feel to it.. but other than that.. i loved the concept of over coming obstacles in a platform style!

I really liked the game! Simple yet beautiful, the music was really amazing and calming. The only thing that bugs me is that I have got locked up in a room a lot of times, but I still do not have the medal, do I need to do something else before getting it? Anyway, 5 stars!

NobodyHome responds:

It appears the medals are bugged. We're not sure why as they worked fine upon release. We'll take a look :)

Seems like Dan isn't very good at his own game XD! Played it for the first time and got it already, awesome(it's 1 of the 2 secrets, you have to beat the game°1 and °2 in less then 8 mins)
Really funny, the ending picture is hilarious! And medal bug: some people have problems with the medal 'Nobody Home', i have achieved it but i can get 'Liftoff' bounce of a pink bouncing block :((
That's the only bad thing about the game