Reviews for "Forest Of Desolation"


This is damn good. No C&C. Just damn good.

Mattashi responds:

Thanks man!

Another excellent Celtic piece! This piece sure is one of those gonna make it into final. :) Beautiful work friend! Extremely smooth and deep. So many talents come out from the dark, you're one of them dude! The flute is magnificent and realistic.

Good luck in AIM bro!

Mattashi responds:

Thanks Elitistinen :) The flutes are from Forest Kingdom 2 (except for the recorder that one is from Era Medieval Legends) you should check it out! They sound great ^ ^

Wow, the quality of this is really top notch! Great work! It sounds so alive!!

Awesome song! Could fit very well to my next game..

Mattashi responds:

Oh wow thanks Wiesi! love your games,that would be awesome! :D

This is very awesome.

I love the celtic flute.

It fits very well with the rest of the track.

The guitar was a nice touch.

The vocals are what really got me though.

Did you record them or sample them from a library?

Excellent work man!

5/5 10/10

Mattashi responds:

Thanks man!
The guitar is the only thing I played and recorded.
The flutes and most of the percusions are from Forest Kingdom 2 by Eduardo Tarilonte oh and the vocal is from Shevannai :)