Reviews for "Forest Of Desolation"

Well done, very very well done.
Brilliant inspirational work. Definitely a potential piece of work that can secure a place in the contest. So far my one of the favourites, or to be very frank, number 1 on favourite ranking.
Fits the art very well; I had the feel of me being in the forest :) This transformation is what is required for correct mood matching of the picture and for assumed imagination. Secondly, am already fan of your guitaring. Not overwhelmed, not less, well adjusted in the piece. My enjoy list goes on....but final remarks are fantastic in every sense.
Best of luck friend. I seriously wish success for this piece.

Mattashi responds:

Thank you Emid! :)


This is damn good. No C&C. Just damn good.

Mattashi responds:

Thanks man!

Reminds me of music from Lord of the Rings movies :) easily as beautiful. Also reminds me of some game music I can't remember, could see this in a game as well. The mixing is superb, and the amount of layers in this is remarkably fitting and is very soothing. It evokes a spirit of adventure and a rollercoaster of joy. I love the bongos and the guitar and the...everything really.

This is absolutely beautiful. Well done.

Mattashi responds:

Thank you so much RealFaction :) Can't wait to hear what everyone else will post!