Reviews for "Forest Of Desolation"

Wow, the quality of this is really top notch! Great work! It sounds so alive!!

really smooth work you did there :D awesome! keep it up

Mattashi responds:

Thanks man! and thank you for the inspiration :D
Your pixel-art is amazing!

Really nice job. The sounds are all beautiful, I want those libraries :-) Celtic music is the best music! I felt like the melodies could have been a little stronger (they never came out and grabbed me) but at this point I'm doing extreme nit-picking. The mixing is perfect, the whispered vocals add a good sense of mystery and the instruments are just great (I already said that).

This song would be perfect in a video game since it's beautiful and stays out of the way.

Mattashi responds:

Thank you Johnfn :)

Whoa you've really improved man! Composition is very calm and beautiful, and goes together with the picture well. Feels like I'm in a forest. Just very peacful and calming atmosphere :)

This one will go far, Good job Mattashi!

Mattashi responds:

Thanks allot Mawnz :)

That intro was amazing nice work
I enjoyed this song from beginning to end
Great Work
P.S. great guitar work! :3

Mattashi responds:

Thanks ET16 :D