Reviews for "Forest Of Desolation"

Incredibly peaceful, I love the vibes this song gives. :)

Wow!!! just wow. The mix is great, the composition is great and it really captures the atmosphere of the picture. those vocals add a really nice touch to the piece.

good work son!

This is very awesome.

I love the celtic flute.

It fits very well with the rest of the track.

The guitar was a nice touch.

The vocals are what really got me though.

Did you record them or sample them from a library?

Excellent work man!

5/5 10/10

Mattashi responds:

Thanks man!
The guitar is the only thing I played and recorded.
The flutes and most of the percusions are from Forest Kingdom 2 by Eduardo Tarilonte oh and the vocal is from Shevannai :)

Absolutely incredible. I could find nothing wrong and everything right.

Mattashi responds:

Thank you Nick :)