Reviews for "VERDACOMB"

Interesing but...

It feels like everyone who makes a comic or graphic novel uses manga or anime with some sort of high tech government along with ancient ways but I give this an 7 because of cleverness and ideas like the orb suit. But I feel like every one who makes a graphic novel always uses manga or anime and I get sick of it... Its also surprising how easy people can give out rating of 10 out every time. I give this a 7 because it feels like every other action comic or manga anime and I see that a lot and I get sick of it. But GREAT job for the ideas like the orb suit, the plot, the secret government language. You also did a good job with animating but make it feel different from every other comic


So the guy gets drunk, steals a car, breaks into a police installation, steals a dangerous vehicle, kills a Police officer and we are now supposed to see him as the Exiled Hero? Right.

danomano65 responds:

You have made a lot of conclusions here. I would say that the story I am working on is more than glorifying a man that indulges and steals. He is brought to judgement and from there, losing everything, he is forced to learn his true nature, and perhaps even the nature of reality through self exploration and the expansion of consciousness. He didn't break into a police station. It is obviously an arena where they use the orb suit in a game. He does not kill a police officer, it was a rival spying on him. The police are the ones that come down with a helicopter. He is a flawed hero. One that is worth watching because his transformation will be endearing and complex. Of course he is not someone to be revered or admired. The reward is watching him becoming more, like you and I hope for ourselves. :)


so he commits a lot of crimes, then he gets released?
havent u told us whats going to happen then? A teaser is only supposed to show stuff that makes the viewer want to see it. Havent you shown us the whole story already?

danomano65 responds:

I wouldn't show you the entire story in a teaser. That is illogical. but this is more of an inquiry than a review. The story is vast compared to the minor details I've provided in the trailer. Though I respect your 6 based on your lack of understanding.