Reviews for "VERDACOMB"


The way the story was told was great, I love seeing how each crime got gradually worse and how the story went from a drunken night to a death. The animation was great and the orb suits were pretty cool. Great job!

danomano65 responds:

Oh yeah, it does escalate, though the entire story arch of the series escalates as well. Only in the sense of reality and consciousness. I'm digging deep with these characters into who I am and my perception of the universe.


simply amazing that even the simplest of themes can make such a good flash.
Also a nice breath of fresh air in this parody pit of a flash portal

i smell a sequel...

danomano65 responds:

Well this is a Teaser Trailer for a graphic novel series I've been brewing in my brains for 2 years. I'm really excited about the stories and can't wait to get it going. I'm glad you are interested!

Ewwww, it looks tasty

Pretty sweet. I'm digging the wierdness of it. I'm very hungry for some background and where this intends to go from here. I suppose that's the purpose of this...to suck you in huh? Well, let me say right now that the voices in my head want moar! Great stuff!


it shows that you did every frame by hand

Can't wait to see where you take this


Amazing stuff, can't wait to see more, looks awesome.

danomano65 responds:

:D I'm glad that you enjoyed it!