Reviews for "VERDACOMB"

I want more

I want more. Brilliant work.

Reminds me of.....

the song combined with the animation kinda reminds me of flcl. dont know if thats the feel you were going for but i liked it anyway.

im interested...

this looks like its gonna be awesome... im interested to see where u take this...

Looks really good

I liked this quite a lot.

Great Animation!!!

Excellent animation. Great sense of timing! The song fits perfectly with animation.
I love your work and I waiting for more of VERDACOMB.
Keep going!!! and Success!!!

danomano65 responds:

I also was surprised by how well the song fit. It was kind of an accident in some parts. The only part I specifically sought to line up was when the cube shifts and crushes the spying character. Other than that everything fell into place!