Reviews for "VERDACOMB"

Pretty badass

I loved the art style and the story that unfolded in a matter of a min or so. Please keep this verdacomb stuff up to date

true grit

the grittyness makes the flashbacks more like a memory, not like it is happening now. but it looks good, can't wait for the finished product.
(gets in line)

Now that's weird

This was a cool caroton even if I had no idea what was going on. The only thing I did not like was that the image resolution seemed way off. At least you still worked on an amazing trailer with a very original premise to it. I thought you were saying the names of video games at the beginning with "Grand Theft Auto". Gee, I guess I've heard about so many video games, I didn't even know that phrase had another meaning. The most visually pleasing thing is easily the orange thing.

I suppose that is supposed to be the "Verdacomb"? Most people just assume that the main character or thing in a work has the name of the title. This definitley seems like something that belongs at an art festival. I congradulate you on your success and can not wait for the whole thing to come out. The main character seems nice enough.

danomano65 responds:

I had to lower the image resolution for NG only because of the 20mb limit. Otherwise the film is highest on my vimeo and YouTube. You can see the links in the authors comments above. As for the "Verdacomb" I'll only hint that it is the name of the society. The infrastructure and government and rituals are the Verdacomb. The orange thing is called an Orb Suit. Used in the game you see in the arena. There are four nations and each attempts to capture the middle white pillar in their corner. :)

That was cool but...

I have this memory of seeing a picture of him being jusged in front of the monks somewhere... Have I seen this somewhere else on the net? Please let me know

danomano65 responds:

Probably. I have deviantart, it's in the NG art work portal.

Awesome... just awesome

make the whole thing man! love everything about this.