Reviews for "VERDACOMB"

Looks interesting

I'll look it up

seems like this will be huge XP

amazing everything, 'nuff said

For The Arts

Extreme man hours were pour into this, and it shows.
The art is really fluid, and the story is Solid enough...
Story: 8/10
Awesome: 8/10 -Has plenty of action potential.Not to mention Drama.
QUALITY: there was some, yes. 9/10

i agree

i agree with nouka89 this does not make sence this takes a while to load but sieres please?

its really cool

it looks really amazing. but the reason i dont give it an 10 i because the drawings where perfect, but your movements are not. im not saying its awful but the walking and some other movements are just a little bit unreal. but thats the only thing thats wrong with this flash. except for that it looks AWSOME!!!!