Reviews for "VERDACOMB"


nice video


The graphics was ok but i didnt really like the music, perhaps its maybe the only one that fits. I also think that when he steps on that white platform he is trying to say that he hav'nt done those things. But because these monk-guys shows him the red part of the card they wanna say that he have done all these things and murdered that spy-guy (yes i know, i like the ''guy'' word). So simply, whites good and reds bad, and thats why he had to kill himself I:]

the plot

if you watched it youd see he commited a crime went on trial and got judged whats not to get


Despite the slightly low quality this is a well rounded animation, and I really don't understand how people don't get the story line.
It's obviously in a time either too far in the past to remember or in the future, perhaps in an alternate universe, and he's being judged for his actions. White which is what he stepped on is probably symbolic of innocence or purity while red is typically symbolic of war and death, which is the door he is forced to go through. Meaning he believes he is innocent, while they disagree, sending him to his death. :P Its really quite simple.

Really nice

The story looks cool, graphics are ok, cuz the problem was actually the quality of the vid....but the end i really dint get it...
Anyway looks like we got a new comic novel aroud, hope its worth to watch