Reviews for "VERDACOMB"


I feel impatient to watch it.

danomano65 responds:

I had a lot of trouble getting the video file to run in flash and keeping the file size down. I drew each frame by hand and colored in flash then compiled in aftereffects then premiere so the cartoon grew in size. I'm sorry for the loading time!


sweet it locks lick an anime show cant wait to watch it

Dam man, "Refreshng"

Alright man me and my brother just watched and I have to say great job, really. Great story, amazing flow, I thought it was an amazing teaser trailer. I cant wait till the finished product man, as for the people who gave a bad review, all I have to say is pay attention to the video. Dont just spew out the first review that comes to mind, take time and watch look at the details. Well Dan great job man.

It's Really Good :D

I'm curious what'll happen next , I'm really looking forward to the series I hope you continue what you're doing :D Lol dont take too long

the reason for a nine is that it's good but compared with some others that I've seen its still a little behind, maybe when the first episode of the series starts it's a 10/10 but for now the teaser just says 9 to me :) , Oh yeah and is there some way that you could reduce loading time and maybe add a player ? thanks

loved it!

any info on when the graphic novel is coming out? id love to learn more about it.