Reviews for "VERDACOMB"

wow this is an excellent trailer, the animation is fluid and smooth, and the idea is interesting.

danomano65 responds:

Read Chapters 1-4 free online! www.verdacomb.com Chapter 5 begins next Tuesday!


though i'm not a fan of worlds where advanced technology and magic/arcaic stuff are mixed together, this teaser got my interest, i think mostly because it isn't ripped off from anything i've ever seen and despite the other comments here, i think the music was really good and fitting, if it were a more serious music, the whole experience would be just too serious, so this nirvana kind of music really went smooth.

-2 points because i didn't really liked the art (perhaps a bigger fps ratio would be good, for starters), i just liked the concept and the music

danomano65 responds:

lol -2 Stamina


says so much for such a short trailer... got me wanting more. Good Job!

Awwwww man

I really wish the graphic novel was a teaser trailer for the animated movie.


What a strange way to advertise something...
Great animation but the music isn't really right for the video
Honestly if you got voice actors to voice the charcters and cinematic backround music, this would be really cool
Nice animation though...