Reviews for "Aim-fire-Run"

Awesome sauce! When those guitars kick in it's damn sweet. :). I'll have to find a way to include this into the game :).

8-bitheroes responds:

Thanks, that would be awesome, let me know if u manage to pull it off.


8-bitheroes responds:


Dammit =_= another outstanding piece. Now I gotta take this into consideration for my top 3 of the AIM as well :/.
One of the best 8-bit tracks I've ever heard. Loved the melody and percussion :D.
The slide notes made my day and the bit guitar is awesome.
An absolutely outstanding piece and fits the art really well :D.

Instant 5 and favourite.

8-bitheroes responds:

Thank you for the feedback! i'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)

This could have been in Megaman! This is awesome, its better than that. It's sick when the guitar comes in, the only section I didn't mix with (on a first listen) was the bass it threw me out of the groove, I still think its fantastic though, that's just a matter of taste I think. Very well done, and as I finish the track I see now that the art reminds me of megaman. Awesome job dude, rock on. I actually kind of think of as the clunky nature of the CRT monitor, which makes it awesome. Reminds me of so much good stuff. Hahaha, I'm now on my second listen now, and I actually really enjoy the bass and wavy section its real fun and it really livens up the track bringing it to life!

Go get it!

8-bitheroes responds:

Thank you for your feedback. Very kind of you and its always nice to hear when people enjoy your music. Peace.

This is probably the best song on Newgrounds.

May I use this as the theme song for a show I'm working on? (Though it may take me a while to get an episode up. . .) I'll wait for a reply, and if you yourself have any questions for me I'll send the answer by Private Message.

8-bitheroes responds:

Hi thanks for your feedback. Yeah that's fine to use man as long as you credit me/link to my work alls good.