Reviews for "Aim-fire-Run"

i became a fan for this song
i like this audio
i enjoy this song
nice job

I love this. Perfect mix of rock and chiptune, and makes me nostalgic. Really, no downsides here. All those people who say, ARGH 2 MAWCH DUUUURMS are wrong in my opinion. XD All in all, eighteen star rating. :D

8-bitheroes responds:

Ah thanks buddy, your too kind :)

Awesome work! This is just fun all around. The melody is catchy and the sound choices are fantastic. Lot's of variety as well so it stays interesting throughout! Honestly I can't think of anything negative at all. Really nice job!

This is an awesome track!! Love it, such fun! Kick n snare are just a little heavy however it's still great! Dancing away here!

8-bitheroes responds:

Awesome, yeah I think i will lower the drums a bit. Thanks again!

Keep everything as it is man! It sounds sick!

You have a new fan.

8-bitheroes responds:

Thanks buddy, much appreciated! :)