Reviews for "Aim-fire-Run"

It's an interesting effort that blends various influences together without making them sound too jumbled or cluttered.

The mastering is actually pretty spot-on, with perhaps the kick drum kinda overpowering the mix. Everything else sounds pretty smooth, reminiscent of '80s synthpop and new wave. I wished it had a bit more of variety, to be honest, with the synths being a little more modulated and expressive. Adding some vibrato and a slight delay effect would have probably made them more present and intense. Nonetheless, I praise the effort put in the solos and the melodies in particular.


Awesome track! It's a great blend of electronic, rock and chiptune. I am fond of all of these genres so I liked the song alot! Mastering and audio quality are also good for this song as well. Nice work!

8-bitheroes responds:

Thanks buddy! yeah its my fave genres too. Expect some more tunes like this in the near future.

i love how you can rate this song by clicking on a black guy

This is pretty high level,/I DO/ love the bass tbh, but I'm a DnB enthusiast so that may have to do with it.

Good job, keep it up!


8-bitheroes responds: