Reviews for "Skincraft"


Definitely easier to use and far more versatile than MCSkinEdit, even though both feature 3D displays. As someone who has made skinning a successful hobby, I'll still be designing my own parts, but this is a definite template improvement.


So awesome! I'm making everyone from Star Trek TOS! :D

A really nice

3d engine. there could've been twice as much pixels and they slould be visible brom the inside of model though. :)

The-Swain responds:

We used the exact pixel dimensions from Minecraft - any more would be a little misleading

"It's really cool I've been using it for like 2 years now and it really needs to become more known. One of my favourite features was probably the "Blur" feature, it's really useful for making HD skins. This is also EXTREMELY useful for skin making newbies because it has the presets option and helps them get up on their feet and in the skin making community in a flash. But for whatever (This is most likely because of my computer.) reason my import button is broken, and I can't upload my skins to SkinCraft. But overall I rate is 10/10" -TheRPGexplosion

Edit: It's 2019 now, I've been using this for six god damned years, and it's still the best tool I have found to make Minecraft skins. It got me into graphic design and I've made some really cool stuff because I started using this. It sounds cheesy but this thing forreal changed the course of my life. I never would of gotten into pixel art and subsequently graphic design if not for Skincraft. To this day it's an amazing tool and I'm glad it's still regularly updated. Overall, 100/10. -TheRPGExplosion.

guys my skin is robot thund (broken) and robo thund (broken 2)
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