Reviews for "Skincraft"

You are a benevolent fella

Now the autistic kids can have more happiness (or the autistic equivalent feeling, if they have some) in their life.

Be in peace.

Simple but Effective

This is only for those people out there looking to have a simple to use skin creator for Minecraft. Of course, if you don't have Minecraft then you don't really need to use this for anything unless you feel like making custom skins for a game you don't have.


This is perfect. It breaks down the complicated process of making a skin to simply drawing it part by part.


I have never played Minecraft and probably never will. It was interesting to give some people who aren't familiar with it a chance to understand it. While I was a bit disappointed it had little of the actual gameplay, it's great to show how creative it gets. This is the reason why this game is popular in the first place. Everyone is allowed to come up with whatever they want, no matter how ridiculous it seems. The graphics themselves are funny looking enough to encourage that.

Even the background graphics were really well done. It's probably one of the most authentic CGI created games here on Newgrounds. The most fun part is being able to just spin your character around in his background. It reminds me of that "Geddan" meme. I managed to draw a batlike creature and wasn't even trying!

A thousand thank yous.

I would like to think I speak for millions of minecraft users when I say. Thank you. I see no flaws.