Reviews for "Skincraft"


I've always wanted to make my own skin, but be able to preview it and add parts at the same time! I'm probably gonna go through about 40 different skins in about 10 minutes now, but its cool. Really easy to control, and fun to use, 10/10


Thank you for this!

Considering the limitations...

You can do a lot of customization, surprisingly! The added blur, opacity, and blends open up a lot of options for customization.

There is a strange bug you may want to look at. When you blur the legs a bit of the head blurs as well. Just FYI

The-Swain responds:

That's just the structure of the skin. Legs are close to the right side of the head. Body is close to the front and left side, and so on. Not much we can do to stop that :(

Thank you!

Thank you thank you thank you!
Save me the trouble of making skins from scratch myself :p

never saw it comeing

this is one of the last places i would of thought something like this would appear. but damm, im happy it did.

this is a superb creation whos use is to make other superb creations.
good work!