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Reviews for "Skincraft"

pretty fun

i don't play minecraft but i was already hoping to make an orange knight skin. its easy its fun and it makes minecraft skins less of a hassle because it's online.

good job

this is not a game,is better,is a tool for minecraft skins
good work

I Feel this will make me Famous...

*saw this when it was up for judgement, played it this long waiting to review it*

After fiddling in this a bit I got bored and shared my Dante skin with my friends


and now I'm taking tons of skin requests and everything, they hate this site and say it's evil do they'll never find it :P

GREAT job guys, by far the only tool maker I'm willing to give a 9 to

The ONLY reason this get's 9/10 is because (from what I've seen) I can't pixel Edit the Pre-Made items
and that's a bit of a downer

Great work guys

Great work. Whilst I never successfully made anything with it, I had far too much fun PLAYING with it...hey, that's like the story of my di-

Well enough about me. Honestly guys, this is really rad, really well done, and I'm sure it'll be successful. I'll be checking the video game blogs and Notch's blog, I'm sure you're due for some press.


Too bad i don't have a real minecraft account. I play the retarded free version. T-T

Great Game by the way.