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Reviews for "Skincraft"

Great work guys

Great work. Whilst I never successfully made anything with it, I had far too much fun PLAYING with it...hey, that's like the story of my di-

Well enough about me. Honestly guys, this is really rad, really well done, and I'm sure it'll be successful. I'll be checking the video game blogs and Notch's blog, I'm sure you're due for some press.


Too bad i don't have a real minecraft account. I play the retarded free version. T-T

Great Game by the way.


I absolutely love this, and can get a lot of use out of this. The only problem I have is that the color constantly resets itself to red whenever I change a piece of clothing, or feature to the skin.

im addicted to this

This game is addicting. I made two skins within the first ten minutes of playing :O


This is super impressive imo guys. I can't even fathom how to go about coding something like this. Rock on, keep up the good work, etc. Shame on you for making me wanna go play minecraft though! =P