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Reviews for "Johnny Mark"


Eh, Just Another Dress Up Game.

I liked being able to change backgrounds and how all this art was sprites and that jazz, but this is just another dress up game. There's nothing added that makes this special other than the art, and there's no music? I liked being able to change backgrounds, but the variety just isn't here with what you can dress up this Johnny Mark.

-Not Enough Clothing
-No Music?
-Nothing New Here
+Can Change Backgrounds
+Nice Sprite Art

Although there were only 3 minuses, due to the overruling of 3-2 in terms of minuses over pluses, the score has been brought down to 6/10, 3/5. Try again, and add something that's new, original, and pulls in the player. Not just a typical dress-up game with sprite art and being able to change backgrounds. That's not too new.

ZEROstudio responds:

Thank you, game was done for fun only,its a 1-2 houres of free time and we were bored he he he but tnx anway for your constructive rewiev

Oh, my...

To review below... from when abilty to cange background is pro in dressups? It is *mandatory*. Srsly, show me some good game of this genre, which has not this option.
-nothing new
-JADUG (JustAnotherDressUpGame)
-strange layers hierarchy (like, can't use blue armor with trousers... strange...)
-abovementioned backgrounds don't kick ass (JPG compression?! pleeaase...)
-strange choice of clothes (blue samurai armor, gasmask,demon head and sapper from Hurt Locker? WTF?)
+lotsagunz (usually there aren't much weapons at all, and you are left with single katana, because author felt generous, so this IS a valid argument)
+oldschool style (although I don't like these actual sprites, I must admit they're well made).
5/10, so <cpt=obvious>"nothing above average".</cpt>

ZEROstudio responds:

Thank you, this was done for fun in couple of houres, nothing serios,the blue samurai is taken from our abandon tomorrow rpg game(wich i asure you it was darn hard to make)
Tnx again