Reviews for "Cat Vader 2"


just awesome

That was brilliant

Reminds me so much of my cat. Leads me to believe he actually is evil


Very funny, darth vader as a cat, great idea, well executed.

*Flexes force-muscles*

*Blasts MennoniteMafia808 with Dark Side lightning*

You would be wise not to continue in such a...discourteous manner.

This flash has reached the front page for the same reason that the first one did: It IS funny. It is strangely ironic that I walk into this one as I did before and had to essentially crush another bad review, but what can I say...but that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. That aside, let's get down to business.

There is a particular reason why this is good and entertaining. It hits two venues of amusement. It combines the power of cats and Darth Vader. People like Star Wars and people like cats. And when cats do funny things, it is gold. So, when cats wear helmets, talk in a deep and booming voice, making references to Star Wars...you have instant fanbase. You have to have an open mind about these things.

So yes, front paged in a justifiable way.


not dissapointing i liked it and the animation was top notch