Reviews for "Cat Vader 2"


Best flash I've seen in months my man gave me a lot of chuckles and very good animation, thank you for a great flash, and I love star wars and vader being a cat? Awesome idea man thanks please make more! I will give them a 10/10 aswell but it deserves more like a million! You made my day thank you.

Some of those were funny.

Others I didn't get, but I think that's my fault.

I got a good laugh

Especially the "I am altering your meal, pray I don't alter it any further". That is an excellent pun. Props to you a million times over.


9/10 because cats suck ass.

Cats are like your selfish egocentric room-mate that fantasizes about killing you.

I am altering your meal!

Pray I don't alter it any further!

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!