Reviews for "Grow a Buddy"


I just might know a person that needs one of those :3

its more like the grower has no soul

i mean....look.....he shoves one down his pants another guy smears it all over him and killing it another guy has a load of dead ones in his beard and the first guy says i hate you dad to it....its not his father at all.....isnt it?

Disturbing... But entertaining

Imagine If these were real! That would be dodgy but awwesome. Whenever ppl look at your work they think.. my art doesnt have to be perfect it can look like that.. Awesome make more or i willl die literally

funymony responds:

Thanks dood!

Yeah, even I was disturbed by this cartoon.
Probably because of how I drew it and how inconsistent/rushed it was.

Glad you liked it! I SHALL MAKE MOAR.

Side Effects

May include: breathing, thirst for flesh, massive ten hour erection, pancake or waffle cravings, basketball sized stools, discharge of blue liquid out of any orifice.

Where do i sign??

i want one DX!

they're so cuteeeee Dx