Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals2"

Hey, I thought you read my review...

Dude, I really hoped that you had improved from the last one. Well, it was slightly, but not by that much. Really, I'm feeling disappointed. While well thought out comedic timing is important, the value is what matters, NOT ITS LENGTH. Most of the jokes ran on longer than they were supposed to, which makes it not as funny as it was made to be. While you did add the background, you still didn't add a LITTLE more detail to the characters? I told you to start with shading, but you didn't even bother to do shading at all either. The whole microphone thing was fixed, but why did everything go by so fast? I couldn't understand what was going on, mostly everyone was rambling on so damn fast. Good God man, slow down! And why is Brock suddenly a pedophile? Don't know where that came from, or maybe I'm missing something. Also, that gun sound effect was pretty loud. Much louder than that of the voices. It's not a bad thing, but damn that was loud. At the end, suddenly, the artwork is awesome as hell with those motionless pictures. Good god, you can put effort in those pictures and not the actual animation itself? It's about quality! But I do have to give you credit for pointing out the text people may have missed. Some of it was actually funny, but some of them were not. Don't understand why you could slow down in the first place though

Again, I have given you criticism in the past, and I was hoping you would learn instead of doing this to please the fans. Many authors made the mistake of pleasing the fans rather than listening to the people who would not like it as much as the fans. Please don't make that mistake, and please TRY to keep improving!

Good Movie...

This video was a bit.... creepier than the first 1... i still liked that professor oak STILL didnt know garys name yet. XD


audio is tolerable, the jokes else not so much.

boring jokes -check (except the one with nurse joy and the machine)
forced jokes - check
immature jokes -check

In my opinion the jokes could've been better if you guys put more feeling into your dialogue overall your voices are so monotone to the point where it doesn't SEEM like you care.

Your art could use some work as well the picture in the ending credits had more quality artwork than the entire flash. Spice up the characters a little more they look so uninteresting even if it's just a parody.

The redeeming factor here is the music.The soundtrack remixes by Burn 7 are awesome, it's clear this guy has talent. you have great tracks that would fit really well an action Pokemon flash/ game.

I don't really see #1 daily feature status in this series but hey your obviously doing something right. As for me well, no...




I thought, surely this wasn't the usual...

After the monkey threw the poo, I was like, okay, that's it. Again, if you don't like it, don't watch it. Not my kind of humor. Too innapropriate for me.