Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals2"


i can see this becoming a great series, it's fucking funny

What a good ending for a long Day.

Omg dude. You've made my Day. After a stupid Day of hard Work, this is perfect to chill out and just Laugh.

Good Job again.
and fav

RyanHatesMilk responds:

Awesome, thanks man. Glad I could make your day!


That was so fucking funny!!!! i have not laughed so hard in a long fucking time xD

Excellent video. Fantastic!

Hilarious take on a realistic Pokémon. I loved every second.

Something that's not really detrimental but I thought I would raise - the final image of the list of things you missed doesn't seem to link back to anywhere. Just to note. :3

pokemon with animals 3 in 2015? that's crap! =(
good vid though =)