Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals2"

Oh my god i remeber how lame pokemon was.

Rflol it really used to piss me off when you were trying to get somewhere on the game and it kept putting you in fights especially when you where walking through the grass.Love the movie cant wait for the next.

I thought it was better than the first!!

Both are 10 worthy, but i laughed more on this one! Definatly a work of art, make a 3!!

You guys are a amazing

the comedy.. it hits you soo fast, i wish NG had a pause button so you could see some of the shit you guys write again guys 10/10 PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!! ??

monkey use oral rape !

freakin hilarious! definitely appreciated the humor in this, but i could have done without that frog bit. all in all, great job. ill be waiting for the next episode