Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals2"

Been waiting for this

And it was worth the wait, hilarious stuff. I have to admit I like the first episode a bit better but that was pretty hard to top, this one still had some great moments though, dunno why but I cracked up the most just seeing Ash dance while at the poke center. Thumbs up and can't wait for episode 3.

I enjoyed the first one more.

If you were to have made the scene's as short as the first episode, less drawn out then it was, I think it would have been funnier. That was what made the first one, at least to me, hilarious. If you do make the 3rd, I hope you consider trying the first movies format, I wouldn't be so concerned about the movies length, but rather, its comedic value.

It wasn't bad, but I hope the next will be able to make me laugh a bit more.


that was a very beautiful and wonderful thing


Im glad I check the latest flash before I logged off because you have done what I hoped you would do and made a sequel!
Do me and plenty of other NG'iens... a favour and keep up with this series!

Great work mate keep them coming!