Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals2"

it watch I before this rating I'm

Don't fail me. Your first amazingness can never be matched. lets see if you get close though. You cannot fail though your first animation was my favorite flash ever! I have faith in you so I'm rating this before I watch it. I've only done this on a couple other flashes like retarded animal babies, salad fingers, another one I forgot and I was disappointed in all of them. Don't fail me... don't...


isnt brock black? or mexican/spanish? i cant tell either.

Make a third, Make a third, Make a third!

Literally though. I found this thing on line about a kid who got bullied for being a ginger and is depressed and shit so the 8 is for the first PBWA animation. But the first one's still funny. Please do not ridicule me. Please. I'll poison you if you do and...I just don't want to have slip Unicorn Tears 8^( in your drink. Seriously that shit'll mess your shit up. 8^D Try it!


best one yet. i love these videos. WOOT!

<3 this hard.

I saw this on front page... and I knew... it was my destiny... Kedows