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Reviews for "Pokemon Battle 16-bit"

good memories

good ole red blue yellow... :P god ole gameshark :P *tears*


this song made me rampage through my games to find pokemon blue to play and my bulbasuar was lv 15 with 1 exp to 16. lol!


With this song you remind me of myself fighting with my mewtwo and mew in Pokemon Blue.


I almost cried, this song reminded me of when I was like, 7, playing mah pokemanz all "OMFG MY CHARMANDER R LVL 6 OLOLOLO" I even sat here and looped it, imagining the battles in my head. You even got the atrociously loud screech towards the end that this song is famous for.

I feel like playing pokemon blue now

this really reminds me of playing pokemon blue on my game boy color, heading out into the world with my level five squirtle by my side, thanks for the memories.