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Reviews for "MegamanX3-Introstage MHX3"


This is undoubtedly, my favorite Intro song in the whole MMX series. Something about the 3rd game was just the S#IT. You've definitely written a faithful faster cover to it. I give it a 9 only because that synth sound in the beginning is a little weak on it's own without the rest of the sounds. Once everything's there, I never get tired of this song. Very nice job.

Well done

HOnestly...perfect...just too damn perfect...ruin it...NAO! lol

friggin amazing job on this one


Wow, really impressive.

I hope I can make sthg like this someday :)


nice job on the remix of mmx3 really kewl and upbeat haha nice job

5/5 10/10


hey man great job think u could remix the blizzard buffalo song from X3 ? that would be a sweet track i miss it T_T xD