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Reviews for "MegamanX3-Introstage MHX3"

you sir!...

...made me want to complete this game again (that'll be 7 times now), seriously, one of the best songs in the game, how about sigma boss part 1 for your next one? or perhaps toxic seahorse? maybe crush crawfish? just reeling out the best songs in the game... :D good job man, loved it!

Well I'll tell you one thing.

I hope Shigeru knows about this. He's got another thing coming.

Flawless, just as MMX should be.

Thank god!

Finally, the intro stage! You can't find this anywhere! You Sir revived my hopes for good remixes!

This ladies and gentlemen is how you remake a song

Very good job my man, you kept the songs base melody and tune, but gave it a different theme and made it less techno which is the only thing that kept the MMX3 song from beginning my favorite MMX Intro Stage Song...

Respect(5/5 10/10),


ITS AWSOME but in the real 1 its more video game