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Reviews for "MegamanX3-Introstage MHX3"


Worthy Music to be entitled King of Hell!

Badass Remix

W00T! this is pretty badass even though my mate is the techno person ^^


this is a amazing remix keep it up

What it is called in Japan

Did you know that Megaman is called Rockman in Japan because of rock and roll. It seems that this track would call him tranceman it jusnt' does have the authenticity of rock n'roll of most Megaman games. Other than that thought it's a good track. If you want to keep going in this direction try to add a little more rock in it.

Pretty good.

Little synthey for my liking, but I guess you could take the SNES music that way if you wanted to. I preferred to see it as rock implemented the best they could, but, I suppose, rock remix after rock remix gets old. I do like this, though. 8/10.

Oh, and I have no idea what ronay is on about.