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Reviews for "Barca Vs Bieber"


10 points for graphic and humor but -5 for difficulty.

An okay game.

Everything is okay, except it sometimes get stuck with the soccer ball whenever Justin kicks it. Though, one thing has been bugging me. Why did you ever implement Level 6?

That crap is annoying. The song makes it worse, but the fact that in order to get a gold medal there, you have to do everything perfect. That's so lame.

it's ok

graphics were good, but it's stupid with having to smash the spacebar to actually go a reasonable speed. It's also kind of hard since you have to read the instructions while playing the game, and it's also just hard. I mean level 10 is pretty impossible, and the fact that the rockets don't follow you makes it worse because they end up hitting you when you're trying to stand next to a box, but they don't follow you so you can't pull them into a box.


wtf running is upossible realy bad


the whole messi level is very hard cant beat it