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Reviews for "Barca Vs Bieber"

how to get gold ?

really good game but cant even get gold in one stage !
maybe i m just bad at it :'(


It's wanted, but THE HELL, before that game he didnt matter to me...NOW HE FRIGGIN DOES. SO MANY restarts -.-" But nice animation and so on. blabla. Still there is space for improvement, especially when bieber kicks his ball every ms, you should be invulnerable for 1sec. And there's a little bug, when you're close to the time limit and you want to restart the level by pausing and THEN you're above the limit it shows the "failed"-screen until you restart again

Messi game

Fuck it -.- but entertaining game anyways

screw you justin b.

dont like it........
dont like jb either so i like kicking him and he starts crying
to beat him up, run as fast as u can diagonal
something funny. a kid in my schools initials is J.B. wanna find him

This game is okay, but there some things that I think It should be added or fixed in the game:

1. The buttons W,A,S,D should be the main moving controls and the arrows the alternative controls, because much people are right handed and some are left handed. I know that W,A,S,D are used with the left hand, but it's because that we need to hit quickly and consecutively the space button to make the character moving faster.

2. I don't know for the others, but when I make the character going down the screen while I hit the space bar, he dosen't move faster. This need to be fixed.

3. Add a restart option because it's boring to quit to the main menu and then come back again.